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Latest Zultys Update

We have been receiving many e-mails on the Zultys situation (Zultys Out of Business, Zultys UpdateZultys Up and Running!). It seems that there are a good number of employees who are upset about what is happening. Of course this makes sense as it seems like the employees were blindsided by all of this.

I have Known Iain for a decade and have never heard a bad thing about him so I have a good deal of trust in what he tells me. I have also had positive dealings with him over the years. He has always told it like it is – good or bad. So I am inclined to believe this story about Zultys and what Iain has to say about the company.

The reason I mention this is that I have received e-mails to the contrary from at least one undisclosed source.

Bottom line according to this story is that 100 employees have been rehired and the company has gotten some funding. We are unclear to what the funding source is but that probably is not as important as the fact that they do have funding.

The company is looking for more funding by the way.

I have written in the past and still wholeheartedly believe that from a technology perspective Zultys is in one of the best positions around. Iain used to run a very successful communications testing company and sold it for hundreds of millions of dollars to Spirent. His knowledge of VoIP testing allows him to have intimate knowledge of the communications market inside and out.

While those advantages are likely to diminish over time I have tremendous confidence in people in the testing business as they see everything – all the mistakes and successes of other companies over the years. Assuming this knowledge is still being applied to products going forward – and of course there is financing allowing the company to continue its operations, we may see some great things from Zultys.

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