Lingo Phone Problems?

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Lingo Phone Problems?

Seems unusual that VoIP service wouldn’t work with certain phones but this is what I read in the VoIP forum today. The post is titled Lingo has problems with certain phones:

I found this the hard way, ordered the service only to find out that certain digital phones are not compatible with Lingo. I have a Motorola MD481 phone. They problems with certain Panasonic and Uniden phones. I wish I knew about this before ordering, now I have to send the adapter back and wait while they charged me $40 for cancellation.

I also saw this post:

I doubt the legitimacy of the post--sounds like a competitor trying to start rumors.
I'm using some el-cheapo DECT phones from Singapore and they work great--$60 for a pair, brand name Wideye. I take one with me when I visit the neighbors so I can make and receive calls from there.
Never heard of any phones which wouldn't work with Lingo, and can't see a technical reason why any wouldn't.

It does seem almost impossible that some phones won’t work with VoIP adapters but you can’t rule out anything when new technology is involved. Is anyone else having such problems with their VoIP service?

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