LNP Issues

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LNP Issues

I received this e-mail today and I unfortunately don't have any answers regarding LNP. It is a problem that I hear many complaints about. At our last ITEXPO in Miami many people asked me the same question. I think the FCC should ensure that numbers port quickly or impose fines like the one they recently levied against a phone company restricting VoIP calls.

IMO the fines should be levied after seven days of a number not porting and cost the provider $50 for every day the consumer has to wait. Furthermore, the money should be split evenly between the consumer (which gives the consumer an incentive to report the problem) and the USF (which is bankrupt -- or whatever the government calls it when they have more expenses than income in one of their programs)


I was interested in where the above story has led you since. I am on month 2 waiting for my number to be ported from ATT ( I can only assume they own it ) to Packet8. I talked to a buddy of mine who works the R&D side at Tekelec and he mentioned that he has been waiting for his number to port over for 4 months. He arranged a conference call between the two LNP Managers and relayed that his 20 years of blissful marriage was showing cracks as a result of their inability to get it done. Tekelec is in the VOIP/Portability business, so he knows that this is not a technical issue, it's an inertia issue (Let's stall the bleeding of Goliath and maybe the people will turn on David for not getting the job done). I'm still trying to identify the person who owns "The Buck Stops Here" placard with regards to LNP, but I haven't given up. Any suggestions from your own travels down this road?

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