Local CLEC Provides VoIP

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Local CLEC Provides VoIP

A local CLEC (to TMC anyway ) becomes a VoIP service provider.


eLEC's VoX Deploys Packet Telephony Technology and Begins Offering VoIP Services Nationwide

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 18, 2005--eLEC Communications Corp. (OTCBB:ELEC), a local telecommunications company in White Plains, NY, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary VoX Communications has successfully deployed its packet telephony technology, and is now offering local and long-distance residential and business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service nationwide.

In addition, Chairman and President of the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC) Michael Khalilian welcomed participation and membership of eLEC to the IPCC saying, "eLEC has a unique status among CLECs by having traditional TDM networks in addition to VoIP platforms and service offerings." The IPCC is the industry's leading international association dedicated to advancing the deployment of VoIP and packet communications technology.

eLEC's CEO, Paul Riss, said, "We are very pleased to have reached an important milestone in transitioning eLEC to a VoIP service provider while continuing to offer our traditional telephone services. This deployment comes after many months of careful planning and it is gratifying to see the results of our efforts unfold according to plan. We are a progressive company that is committed to bringing our existing customers greater choice by offering packet telephony services -- the next step in the advancement of telecommunications. Now, we have an integrated suite of communications services for business and residential customers, including local, long distance, dedicated access, and VoIP."

VoX's President, Mark Richards, added, "It's exciting that we have deployed an advanced packet telephony technology, and we are especially proud that we own the code to our software, unlike most in this nascent VoIP business. We are pioneering advanced building blocks in packet telephony development, and we look forward to bringing these components into exciting new products for our customers."

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