Miami Herald VoIP Article

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Miami Herald VoIP Article

There is a great VoIP article in the Miami Herald today and they were nice enough to quote me. Here is an excerpt:


Matrimonial attorney Herman H. Tarnow lives in Naples and practices law in New York City. He uses the telephone like a cellphone but avoids roaming charges by using VoIP.

Two other attorneys in his firm also telecommute across state lines, including a pregnant lawyer who is able to keep working while visiting New York once a week, Tarnow said.

Calls can ring simultaneously or sequentially from one location to another.

''You can have it call your office phone or your cellphone and transfer next to your home phone and transfer next to your vacation home,'' said industry expert Rich Tehrani, president of TMC, which three weeks ago held a packed Internet Telephony Convention & Expo in Miami.

During last summer's hurricane onslaught, the U.S. Iberia Airlines headquarters in Miami evacuated for several days, had local service provider DSLi set up VoIP lines within a day, and rerouted thousands of U.S. customer calls to Madrid.

''I called the afternoon of the prior day and they had it ready the next morning,'' said Valentin Sanchez, Iberia regional communications manager.


If there is anything that excites me about evangelizing VoIP for so long it’s that the mainstream media is picking up on it in droves. I believe the industry has the opportunity to focus on services now, while we are in the spotlight. Whenever we talk to the press, we need to focus on services that are new and exciting and most of all useful.

The reason is obvious. If all we focus on is “VoIP is cheaper,” where will we be in two years? We will have taught the world that VoIP should be near free. While this may be good in the short term, the long-term view IMO is that VoIP service providers need to generate enough revenue so that they can keep adding new and compelling services that will keep consumers happy and reduce customer churn. Customers will pay for compelling services. We need to give these services to them.

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