Moderating at NCTA

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Moderating at NCTA

The NCTA or national Cable and Telecommunications Association was nice enough to invite me to moderate the following panel:

"VoIP Me! Marketing to the New Telephone Customer"

Monday, April 4 - 2:00pm to 3:15pm
Esplanade 305/307, Moscone South - San Francisco, California


It's part telephone, part Internet. It's a dash of the familiar punctuated with a bold take on the future. And it's among cable's most promising new businesses. With cable phone service about to hit its stride, a panel of consumer marketing and positioning experts dive into a lively discussion about pricing and bundling strategies, competitive market considerations and lessons learned to date about introducing the biggest thing to hit the phone business since the dial tone.


Rich Tehrani, President & Group Editor-in-Chief, Technology Marketing Corporation


  • Sam Howe, Senior VP, Marketing VoIP, Time Warner Cable
  • Davie Pugliese, VP, Product Marketing & Management, Cox Communications, Inc.
  • Jonathon Askin, General Counsel,
  • Joseph Varello, VP, Digital Voice Product Management, Cablevision Systems Corporation

I just spoke with my fellow panelists and can tell you this may be the best session at the NCTA event. I am really excited to be part of this conference and you will come away with a good overall education of what doesn't work and what does work when marketing VoIP.

A pet peeve of mine is that VoIP is being associated in the mind of the consumer as something cheap and subsequently in my opinion of low quality. Interestingly Level 3 recently commissioned a study that says pricing VoIP service too inexpensively is actually damaging to your brand and the perception of the service.

Pricing of any product, especially one as new as VoIP is crucial. Positioning it is even more important. This panel of industry experts and insiders will provide an illuminating look at how to price VoIP and telecom services in general.

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