Navini Networks WiMAX in the Jungle

I always wanted to go to Mauritius and it took me a while to find out exactly where it was located after I first learned about the existence of this almost magical island. Now I see Mauritius will have WiMAX by the time I get there. Here is an excerpt from Michelle Pasquerello, TMC's newest blogger. She will be focusing on WiMAX for now. She is also a huge Mac fan but so we'll have to wait and see if she throws an iPOD or iTunes entry in from time to time. Please welcome Michelle Pasquerello to the TMC family and syndicate her WiMAX Blog.

Here is an excerpt:

Now, ADB Networks, a major independent service and support provider, headquartered in Mauritius (officially Republic of Mauritius, 790 sq mi island in the SW Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral reefs, ringed by mountains of volcanic origin, which rise to c.2,700 ft in the southwest. The island has a tropical, rainy climate.....just to name a few facts) will have connection to the globe thanks to Navini Networks.

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