Net2Phone Sues Skype/eBay

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Net2Phone Sues Skype/eBay

Anyone who has been in this business long enough knows that before Skype ever existed, Net2Phone was selling VoIP service. The company was one of the first to be part of the Internet Telephony shows. I remember being in their offices in the nineties and them telling me that by not advertising that they were using the Internet to transmit calls, sales actually increased. Now it seems the opposite is true -- VoIP is more chic than the PSTN -- even to the average consumer.

Net2Phone is one of the true VoIP pioneers along with VocalTec and Natural Microsystems. Certainly no one will accuse them of being a patent troll as they have been providing VoIP service since the 90s. That doesn't mean that they will win against eBay though.

Reference: TMCnet, Andy, Om.

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