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I recently had the opportunity to ask NETXUSA CEO Tom Boone about his business and the direction he is taking the company.
NETXUSA, Inc. is a distributor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services and has a distribution channel of independent resellers throughout the United States and foreign countries that provide the local end-user installation and support services.
The company distributes products from companies such as Digium, Epygi, PBXnSIP and many others. Tom is one of the more colorful figures in the IP communications space and if you get a chance to meet him, you should take advantage of it.
Here is the interview:

Outline your new corporate initiatives.

We provide industry leading VoIP products to a dealer channel of individual entrepreneurs and the IP community.

How is IP communications changing your company’s strategy?

It isour only strategy. IP is our business - PERIOD.

What pains does your company solve for customers?

We sell to dealers only and have 24/7 support with East and West Coast distribution centers.

How has SIP changed communications?

You are limited to your own imagination. Cost effective and dependable communications.

How do you think the future of the market looks?

The future is as bright as a Super Nova and as deep as a Black Hole. No slow down in site.

How does the growth rate in the U.S. compare to the rest of the world?

In some cases the US is lagging. Why? End-user expectations and demand for quality.

What do you think of Google and Apple entering the telecom market?

Raises the profile of our industry and may add yet another layer of end-user confidence.

How about Microsoft?

It is thesame as above.

How will open source technologies change our market?

Before Open Source the IT Industry was trending in the same direction of ISDN which did not catch on in the United States. Open Source applications gave the IT industry some traction and without the open source pioneers, I feel the industry would be stuck in the legacy telecom mode for quite some time. Thank you Pioneers.
What are your thoughts regarding hosted solutions?

It is a great solution for a certain market niche, especially for those who want the look and feel of large system features without the installation and support commitment.

How will communications evolve over the next five years?

As a German friend once said "SIP - SIP – SIP." I can see everything from tracking Heart monitors to contacting your appliance repair guy when your freezer fails. ALL of this via wireless and SIP technology.

What will the industry see at your booth at ITEXPO?

A company whose passion is the IT industry, providing good products and services at a fair and reasonable cost. A Value Added Distributor (VAD) whose premier products are only equaled by NETXUSA's support and customer service.

Why is your booth a “Can’t Miss?”

If you need products and want to talk with the guys who make it happen with multiple options, the NETXUSA-Booth #114 is the place.

What do you want the industry to know about your company?

We providesolid, trust worthy, consistent and dependable service.

What’s next for communications?

A smooth transition between WiFi and cellular; an expanding number of home office workers with real time private video; telephony security and feature activation with voice prints, finger prints and retina. These features are not only used in high security areas but in the commercial arena as well.

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