Nor'easter Musings and Vonexus Connection

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Nor'easter Musings and Vonexus Connection

Connecticut is being slammed by a snow storm otherwise known as a nor'easter as I write this entry. In case you aren't familiar with the term, here is a definition from the weather channel:

A cyclonic storm occurring off the east coast of North America. These winter weather events are notorious for producing heavy snow, rain, and tremendous waves that crash onto Atlantic beaches, often causing beach erosion and structural damage. Wind gusts associated with these storms can exceed hurricane force in intensity. A nor'easter gets its name from the continuously strong northeasterly winds blowing in from the ocean ahead of the storm and over the coastal areas.

A few years back I had never heard of a nor'easter and for that matter I had never heard of comfort foods until 9/11. So it makes sense in some weird way that I would crave comfort foods during a  Nor'easter. SmartFood is a favorite and for those of you that know me, the Atkins thing seems to have gone out the window on weekends so a nor'easter on the weekend is the perfect time to go any by some of my favorite cheese-covered popcorn.

The thing about a nor'easter or large snow storm for that matter is the media can't stop talking about it. You would think we have never seen snow in the northeast before. After all, we aren't in Florida... We expect such storms to hit us from time to time. While on the topic, can every flake really be unique. Are they really all different shapes? Large storms cause quite a stir in the grocery stores. You couldn't find a parking space, a cart or Smart Food for that matter. Customers were relaxed yet frantic. A record number of couples were shopping together. I am not sure why this is. I assume it is because there isnt much else to do and most couples only own a single SUV so its either shopping or sitting at home. Still, where did all the Smart Food go?

I had to visit a few grocery stores and finally found my buttermilk enriched snack of choice. In the mean time I may have met every resident of my home town as I navigated my shopping cart through crowded aisles of multiple stores sans-GPS.

While you're eating your favorite comfort foods, here are some humorous (to me but not my wife) "office-friendly" videos for you to enjoy. I am listening o them both while I blog btw.

I hope wherever you are, you are staying warm and safe and if you have to shovel, remember to pace yourself as there are always heart attacks when these storms hit. I am off to speak at the Vonexus Connection User Conference in Vegas on Monday and hope the airports are operating OK and my flight isnt delayed. I will be talking about VoIP 2.0, the future of IP Telephony. I haven't completed my presentation so if you are going to be there and want to hear something in particular, please send me an e-mail. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing many of my readers at the event.

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