Note To Self: Don’t Upset Tom Keating

OK OK, although I wasn’t involved in not sending Tom to TMC’s VoIP Developer event perhaps I deleted him from the list and didn’t realize it. Either way, sorry Tom… I didn’t know you would willingly go to a venue where there wasn’t a blackjack table 😉

Seriously though, Tom’s post on VoIP Developer is right on. Although Tom decided to compare us to other events in the market including Internet Telephony and VON… I see the market differently. There is room for all our events and they all serve different purposes.

VoIP Developer was designed to be a much purer show where partnering and development choices can be made without thousands of non-technical people running around (without pocket-protectors no less!).

This event is purely about finding tools and toolkits you need to develop killer VoIP applications. No other event is so pure and has such a targeted mission.

We launched this show because of demand from our exhibitors and attendees and the first show sold out. In our larger venue we have an attendee database which is tracking around 4 times higher than last year.

This looks like it will be another spectacular TMC event with some great companies in attendance.

I hope to see you there!

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