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Nuvio on FCC

I wanted to get some outside perspective on the FCC and Powell stepping down. I noticed Greg Galitzine had a bunch of interviews about Powell and they make for interesting reading. So I also decided to join the party. I asked Jason Talley, President and CEO of Nuvio Corporation, a VoIP service provider for his opinions about the industry and Michael Powell stepping down.


What does this mean to the industry?

Immediately, there could be little or no impact to the VoIP industry.  Any impact is going to depend on who is named Chairman and who is added to the Commission. 

Is this good or bad?

Chairman Powell’s mark on Commission activities will reverberate well into the future.  Certainly the direction the Commission has taken is good for the VoIP industry and if history is any indication, a turn that imperils much of the progress will be difficult if not impossible for a new Commission to enact in the immediate future.

What is the future of competition in broadband?

That depends on who you ask.  Certainly as the technology for deploying broadband are becoming more cost effective and available to entrepreneurial individuals, we should see increased competition over the next 5-10 years.  Look for this especially in rural markets where there is no access currently.

What is the future of VoIP?

VoIP is well positioned to become a major component of voice communication over the next decade.  Consumer acceptance is happening and deployments will continue to increase.  The potential is so enormous for this technology.

Will this news have negative impact on the VoIP investment climate?

The wheels of regulation have already been set in motion by the FCC.  Chairman Powell’s departure should not impact negatively the investment climate for VoIP.


A replacement for Michael Powell will be named soon and I look forward to discussing the matter further with Jason down at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Miami next month.

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