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I guess I am a bit jaded. I saw the opening of the Olympic games last night and was impressed with the intro -- especially the legions of performers who emulated a giant skier. After that it was pretty boring watching a bunch of people hold flags from each country. I must admit it lets you get a better sense of all the countries in the world. There were a few small countries you just never hear of. Other than the educational experience I could have fell asleep while watching.

I did however love the commercials for Chevy trucks with the honking turning into a symphony. Very well done. Other than that I wasn't blown away with any of the other commercials.

I wasn't watching an HD TV last night but today I saw some games in HD and there seemed to be lots of excitement.

In general I am not a huge fan of sports or the Olympics but occasionally you'll catch me in a mood where I really get into it. If it is a close and fast moving game I usually am more inclined to watch.

I am pretty sure it is an attention span thing. I think I could watch excelled sports highlight on a high definition television for hours.

Getting back to the Olympics... After watching the opening ceremony I felt a greater sense of world unity than at any other time recently. I think perhaps this procession let us all realize once again that we are all members of the world and have to coexist in peace. At least I hope that is the message that everyone else got.

On a totally separate note, I wanted to link to the Chevy commercial but to my dismay a few minutes of searching and I can't find it. After all, Google let's you watch Super bowl commercials after the game. Anyway, it seems like a crime for Chevy not to link to this commercial on its home page or at least have it come up when you search the site for the term "commercial" or "advertisment".

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