P2P VoIP Aastra VentureIP 480i

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P2P VoIP Aastra VentureIP 480i

You’ve no doubt heard me praise the concept of p2p VoIP. This is an area of tremendous growth potential in my opinion. One of the players in the space, Nimcat Networks is supplying technology to Aastra Technologies, enabling them, to sell a p2p SMB phone system. The first product of this partnership is the VentureIP 480i.

P2p technology allows these phones to recognize each other and each phone is designed to do some of the work of a traditional PBX, eliminating the need for a central telephony server.

Here are some of the features of the system:
  • Low-cost IP-based telephony system - P2P, VoIP
  • Complete PBX telephony features including : voice mail, intercom / page and auto attendant
  • Eight-line graphic display with six dynamic context-sensitive softkeys
    Premium speakerphone performance
  • Automatic start-up with no configuration required
  • Systems scales set by set - no need to purchase a minimum number of units
  • Completely automated for adds, moves and changes
  • Call control
  • Conferencing
  • Auto-Attendant
Some say this concept will really take off when p2p is embraced by the larger PBX manufacturers. Based on releases like this one, we will likely see adoption from companies like Altigen and Vertical before we see Cisco jump in. Some believe the large PBX companies need a solution like this as it makes it less expensive to service SMB customers. Others say that the likes of Avaya and Cisco will never embrace such a concept – or they will when they are forced to.

My opinion is that if p2p VoIP in the enterprise works as advertised, we will see a slow and steady adoption curve of these technologies in the market. I believe international markets will embrace p2p before the US. If the enterprise market does adopt p2p phone systems I believe we will see Skype get into the game and we will see office phones with a Skype Inside logo.

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