Packet8 Charges

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Packet8 Charges

I received this e-mail about Packet8. I have never heard of any problems with the service but thought I would pass this along to see if others have any problems with VoIP providers.


This is (name deleted), I have spoken to you some time back and also was asking you that if I could write some articles on the future VoIP telecom business. If you remember our discussion, I was telling you about the Packet 8 and how they are charging even for the incoming calls which is never heard of in this VoIP Telephony industry. Here is a copy of my bank record which shows Packet 8 has charged me the amount for one month (99% incoming calls) for this phone service which was supposed to be at 34.99 a month.

01/07/2005 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 01/04 PACKET8 408-7271885 CA $484.91

I can send you the whole call details for this account which will show you all are incoming calls and been charged 4 cents per min. Every time I call them and they put me on to someone who doesn't know a thing about telecom. They have done this to me so many times and never got a credit for it. On their website they talk about unlimited business plan which does not mention that you will be charged even for inbound calls. All the calls they take it as PSTN minutes, doesn't matter weather its a inbound call or outbound call.

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