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Packet8 VideoPhone

I got to thinking lately that one of the very suggestions I made to service providers has been successfully implemented and sold by Packet8 for over a year. I have been encouraging service providers to strive to provide consumer electronic devices such as cool new WiFi phones as differentiators. What an amazingly sticky way of providing service if these devices don’t work with other VoIP providers. Of course I am in no way discouraging SIP and open standards but I am a realist.

Getting back to Packet8, their videophone is being promoted by cataloguers as if it was the next iPOD. I am seeing this device everywhere. Most interesting is that Packet8 isn’t spending a tenth of what Vonage does on marketing. In fact other than a few google ads here and there isnt I don’t recall any promotion coming from this California based company. So with Vonage leading them in mindshare and marketing, the company decided to sell an innovative consumer electronics device instead of competing head on with Vonage and CallVantage.

The strategy seems to work as cataloguers don’t put products that don’t sell on the cover. These guys are on to something. Others can lean from them.

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