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Paris Hilton Black Book

A T-Mobile database break-in allowed hackers to steal many customer records and notably Paris Hilton, one of the highest profile T-Mobile customers was hacked. All her personal records were also posted on the internet. Paris uses a Sidekick and it seems is tech-savvy, meaning an entire legion of nerdy, introverted teens can now fantasize about IMing her. Hackers gained access to phone numbers, photos and private schedules of the blonde paparazzi princess.

Perhaps Paris can look to another New York jetsetter Donald Trump for sage advice. "There is no such thing as bad publicity," the star of the Apprentice once espoused. Whether the Donald's phone number was among those stolen is not known but the real estate magnate would probably not want to associate with women who draw more attention than he does.

Paris Hilton Hacked

Speaking of publicity, Paris once again is front and center in the media and I think she wouldn't have it any other way. Hey, at least it's not another sex tape... Just a few private phone numbers, appointments and photos (rated G or better I hope).

Lest you think my blog has turned into an electronic supermarket tabloid, I promise you I have a hook to technology. You see VoIP security is a crucial topic these days as it allows phone calls to travel over pure IP networks. Imagine if Paris's conversations were captured! This is the next Holy Grail for hackers and precisely why you should be at
Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this week in Miami if you are tasked with implementing and/or managing VoIP in your enterprise or service provider network. Security will be a hot topic at the event and there will be some excellent sessions on the subject.

I am looking forward to greeting you in person.

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