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Popular Telephony News

Popular Telephony will be working with Commoca and TI to introduce a color, touch-screen phone with Popular Telephony's p2p technology embedded inside the device. I am looking forward to the seeing the Popular Telphony products in action at this week's Internet Telephony show in Miami. I have had many people asking me about Popular Telephony's Peerio technology and if I have seen it. I am looking forward to answering them once I get a demo this week at the show.


Peerio to be incorporated into Commoca’s Open Touch
Color touch-screen IP terminal based on Texas Instruments chipsets

Miami, FL and Sophia Antipolis, France, February 22, 2005 - Popular Telephony, the pioneer of serverless communications and inventor of Peerio, today announced at the Internet Telephony Conference, a strategic partnership with Commoca, the leading US designer of advanced IP embedded solutions. 

The agreement enables the integration of the Peerio embedded middleware into Commoca’s high-end touch-screen IP phone. Commoca is partnering with Texas Instruments for their VoIP technology.

Based on TI’s advanced TNETV1050 IP phone platform and with Peerio integrated into the core, the touch screen IP phone will become a highly intelligent, self-managing and self-healing, telephony device for serverless, peer-to-peer enterprise and broadband communications. Commoca will offer their IP phone to a range of customers ranging from large enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to home users. 

“Our relationship with Texas Instruments has allowed us to work with Commoca to add a very significant and powerful platform to the growing portfolio of Peerio enabled devices currently available.  Popular Telephony has now licensed its telephony application suite to more partners than almost any other IP-PBX or traditional PBX manufacturer in recent history.” says Gavin McFadyen, marketing director with Popular Telephony.  “The Commoca IP terminal allows us to develop and deliver customized applications for hospitality, call center and financial markets to name just a few of the actual projects already under way. “

Peerio is a groundbreaking middleware for embedded communication devices. Peerio-enabled devices and soft-clients, collectively, form a bespoke server-free telephony system - feature-rich, redundant and massively scaleable, replacing the IP-PBX and other old-fashioned systems dependant upon a centralized architecture.
The new serverless IP telephony system design offers enterprises a great deal of flexibility along with substantial financial savings of up to 80% on the system cost and 90% on the maintenance.  A protocol-agnostic solution, Peerio operates with all industry-standards based terminals including SIP and H.323.

Commoca’s IP phone is a high-end sophisticated terminal with quality touch-screen display supporting hundreds of advanced enterprise and residential applications, including different types of productivity tools and value-added services.  The device uses other TI partners’ software products and has undergone advanced tuning to deliver superior sound quality compared to other IP and digital telephones.

“Commoca is pleased to deliver compelling IP phone products incorporating the leading serverless solutions from Popular Telephony and the most advanced integrated chip technologies from Texas Instruments,” said Matt Harrison, Chief Operating Officer of Commoca.  “Our customers benefit from cost effective, highly reliable solutions that are easy to deploy and use.”

“We’re excited at the advancements in IP telephony being announced today by Popular Telephony and Commoca,” said Angela Raucher, IP phone business manager, TI’s VoIP business unit. “This certainly opens up more opportunities for VoIP technology in the burgeoning peer-to-peer enterprise and broadband communications industry.”

About Popular Telephony

Popular Telephony Inc., recently named to the Pulver 100, is a privately held VoIP telecommunications middleware company, focused on bringing true serverless communications technology to market. Popular Telephony is the inventor of Peerio serverless communications middleware to enable the creation of various types of serverless applications With a strong patent portfolio, and a leadership team led by Internet Telephony industry veterans, the company aims to be the leader in the peer-to-peer telephony technology sector.

Popular Telephony is a U.S registered corporation with offices in New York, France and Israel.

For more information about Popular Telephony, visit the company’s web site at:

About Commoca

Commoca, Inc. is the leader in providing beyond voice revenue generating products and services to VoIP-based providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Commoca’s core technologies enable customers to differentiate their products and services to realize new revenue streams via patent pending telephony products, applications, search, contextual based advertising, and mobile user experience portability. 


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