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Quoted in Chicago Tribune

I was quoted in today’s edition of the Chicago Tribune regarding the Verizon Vs. Vonage case. The article by Jon Van is well written and explains the situation well. When I spoke with Jon, the court ordered Vonage to stop accepting new customers. After this interview however the company won a temporary stay of the federal judge’s ruling.
This is the article where I was quoted:
Here is my quote:
"What this shows is that Vonage has gotten big enough to be a threat," said Rich Tehrani, editor in chief of Technology Marketing Corp., which publishes Internet Telephony.
"That's what Verizon is showing us. This is one way to compete, through patent litigation.

"The hidden challenge to Verizon is that by crippling Vonage, they may strengthen the cable companies, which are doing more damage to the phone companies with VoIP than Vonage is. What Verizon might be doing is cutting off its nose to spite its face."

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