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Quoted in Los Angeles Times

I was quoted in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times regarding the Verizon Vs. Vonage case. I had a busy day yesterday and I received quite a few calls from reporters regarding this issue. I already blogged about the Chicago Tribune and San Jose Mercury News quotes.
The article in the LA Times is from seasoned IP communications reporter Jim Granelli and is titled Temporary help for ailing Vonage. There is also another article in the LA times which is similar but with the same quote titled Vonage receives emergency stay in patents case.
When I spoke with Jim, the court had just ordered Vonage to stop accepting new customers. After this interview however the company won a temporary stay of the federal judge’s ruling.
Here is my quote:
Some industry experts, although pessimistic about Vonage's future, weren't ready to bury the company.

"It's not as bad as the worst-case scenario — no stay at all, which would have closed them down — but it's still dire," said Clayton Moran, an analyst at Stanford Group.

Money-losing Vonage has been spending huge amounts on advertising and marketing to attract new customers, a strategy aimed at helping it reach its goal of becoming profitable by early next year.

"It's imperative they continue to grow for them to be viable in the long term," said Rich Tehrani, head of Technology Marketing Corp., which publishes the trade magazine Telephony.

Vonage already is losing 55,000 customers a month but has used its heavy marketing to attract more new customers than it lost.

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