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I have known Brian McConnell for a decade and he is one of the brightest guys in the telecom business. While others were kind of in shock that there was such a thing as a PC PBX market (before we even thought of IP PBXs) he was selling Altigen PC PBXs out of his house!

This was in 1997!

He subsequently sold his company to Hello Direct causing their stock to pop when the news was announced. This transaction took place in the bubble years.

Brian was also a frequent writer for TMC’s CTI publication and our archrival Computer Telephony. Remember them?

Anyway he is now onto a new voice communities project and you know what a fan I am of
voice communities. I have been meaning to cover his new company for a few weeks but after ITEXPO everything has been a blur and I have been playing catch up.

So until I get a chance to properly delve into what Brian has done with his new product talk a gander at his
blog on the topic.

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