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Rich Tehrani “Live” Next Week

One of my favorite things to do is to speak to a live audience and share my thoughts and opinions with them. I especially like the feedback I get from the audience when I am done. The questions, the dialogue, the networking, Q&A, etc. That is the best part of public speaking. When I can throw some humor into a talk, it’s even better. Yes, occasionally communications and especially VoIP can be very very funny.

When I write, I get the chance to edit and re-edit until I feel a piece is perfect. Speaking is so dynamic and that is what makes it so exciting. I never like to repeat a presentation twice. I like things to be different and that is where it gets fun and exciting.

Interestingly I am a victim of my own writing these days as if I speak now and ask the audience a question, it seems that many people in the audience have already read my writings and know the answers ahead of time. This means, I need to constantly mix things up which I love to do.

I plan on spending time this weekend writing some new material.

Drop me a line at rich(at) if you have anything you want me to cover. Please specify which city you will be attending.

The next stop on my speaking tour is Orlando and I decided to put this nice graphic from Vonexus in my blog as they did a much better job of creating this than I could ever do.

I hope to see you in Orlando, Seattle, and/or Toronto. Here is the schedule for more information.

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