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Rich Tehrani Vs. Mark Spencer

Tonight I have the most interesting assignment of all. I have to tear down open source telephony. Not literally mind you but next week I go on stage with Mark Spencer the guru of open source, founder of Digium and Asterisk and have to debate him one-on-one. He is taking the (no surprise here) pro-open source side of the argument and I am against it (or at least that's the role I play onstage).

If you can believe it, we couldn't find a PBX vendor to debate Mark and I thought my idea was great (I have my moments) and I wouldn’t let it die.

This is how the scenario worked out... We called Mark and asked him if he would do an open source telephony shoot-out with another PBX vendor. He agreed. We called a few PBX vendors and no would debate him. I called Mark back and said, the Hell with it... I will fill the role of the PBX vendor.

So here I am now, coming up with the questions and framing the session. I am looking forward to seeing how it shapes up next week. Hope to see you at the show. If you have any ammo for me (I know this isnt fair but open-source uses the web to its advantage, so can I :-) send me an e-mail.

Check out for details.

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