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New PGi GlobalMeet UCaaS Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

March 27, 2019

It’s an exciting time at PGi as the company is transforming from collaboration to become a broader business communications company. In the last five years, they have grown their webinar and webcasting business with a greater understanding of how to solve customer problems and sell across an enterprise. The company’s entry into the UCaaS market brings new capabilities via GlobalMeet, including expanded smart collaboration capabilities using artificial intelligence and data to help users save time and improve productivity through automation.

Highfive To Make Videoconferencing Ubiquitous

March 26, 2019


Highfive is on a mission to make videoconferencing ubiquitous,” said Chris Heinemann, Senior Marketing Director in an exclusive interview.

Chris was as excited as we’ve ever seen him as he went through the opportunity to widely deploy his company’s solutions.

Voci Technologies Touts Advanced, Cost-Effective Speech-to-Text

March 26, 2019

Voci Technologies  was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University to “Amplify the value of your voice data in real time.”

According to Mike Coney, CEO in a live interview, We are a speech to text AI-powered engine – we are the Intel Inside of the Dell computer. We provide superfast transcriptions at the best price point with the lowest error rate ever.”

Voxbone Positions Self as AWS of Communications

March 26, 2019

“Voxbone is positioning itself as the AWS of the communications space. We power much of the communications market and their vision is to provide a platform that apps can plug into and run globally,” said Matt Brown, VP of Product in an exclusive, in-person interview.

The company’s new enterprise-grade platform gives businesses access to all of the following products:

  • Voxbone Voice
    A single-source, fully compliant alternative to both legacy carriers and limited SIP providers, Voxbone Voice provides global scale on demand and unparalleled local presence - packaged up with their regulatory expertise in every market and coverage across 92% of the world economy.
  • Voxbone Mobile
    Two-way messaging and voice on mobile numbers in 25+ countries. Perfect for omnichannel customer communications, with enterprise-grade security built-in as standard.
  • Voxbone Connect
    Interconnect into Voxbone's global backbone via their partners' 400 local access points around the world for best-possible security and lowest-possible latency.
  • Voxbone Insights
    Analyze your call capacity, numbers, voice traffic and more in real time to identify breaking trends.

Theta Lake Zoom Partnership Brings Compliance to Voice and Video

March 25, 2019

Theta Lake is a machine learning and AI platform analyzing audio and video content for compliance risk. “We focus on regulated industries like financial services,” said Anthony Cresci, VP Business Development & Operations in an exclusive interview.

Certain industries have regulatory requirements around retention and how long companies store electronic communications.

Metaswitch Hits 25M Business Subs, Aims for Many More

March 25, 2019

Metaswitch recently announced they have reached the 25 million business subscriber milestone – which is impressive as the company is very strong in the small to medium carrier space.


“Metaswitch is becoming a strong leader in delivering hosted call control exclusively to communications service providers, uplifted by its new operator wins and innovative service offerings, like MaX UC,” said Jeremy Duke, president, Synergy Research Group. “Metaswitch holds the number two position with 18.9 percent market share and growing, second only to Cisco.”

Mio is The Much-Needed Enterprise Messaging Interop Tool

March 23, 2019


Based in Austin Texas, Mio is working on making teams, Webex Teams, Slack and Microsoft Teams interoperable explained Tom Hadfield, CEO, in an in-person interview.

Tom said, “Typically, a midsize enterprise has all three. Perhaps they can’t’ afford to use Slack for everyone.

Edify Unites Contact Center and Company on a Single Platform

March 21, 2019

“The purpose of Edify is to build a solution that goes from CEO to developer to call center to unite the entire company on one ecosystem, one platform – regardless of internal or external.” Exclaimed Cameron Weeks, Co-Founder and CEO in an in-person interview.

He said, “There currently isn’t a way to unite these things. Other companies are trying to unite platforms via acquisitions.”

We believe acquisitions aren’t the best way to do this – so we built a platform that unites the entire company in one voice ecosystem from the start he explained.

Fuze Touts Rapid Growth and Significant Samsung Partnership

March 21, 2019

Fuze is a global UCaaS provider – in business since 2006. Their average seat size is greater than 3,000 with 40% of customers with headquarters outside of North America. Most recently, they added video and messaging to their voice offerings. 

Sharpen Technologies Agent Experience Score Improves Contact Center Performance

March 20, 2019

Sharpen Technologies believes better contact center and ultimately corporate performance depends on contact center agents. Their unique call center solution is microservices and cloud-based. They have 70 employees, 250 global customers and are strong players in retail, ecommerce, tech and financial services.

Sharpen pricing ranges from $5-$109 per agent.

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