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Skype as Lifestyle

Andy has some great comments on how Skype should be putting kiosks in stores and eventually having their own stores. This makes a great deal of sense for the company. Amazingly I have heard Skype mentioned on the radio twice in one day. These weren’t technology stations on satellite radio mind you. I was just me flipping between stations on AM and FM and hearing them talk about Internet telephony. Amazing.

The software’s popularity is growing at a nice clip and there is potential for the company to have the coolness factor of an Apple one day.

They should be experimenting with some sort of retail distribution through kiosks. The money they will generate will be from sales of all the new Skype-enabled gadgets that are hitting the market.

Andy mentions that Radio Shack is probably not the place to find the young and hip audience the company needs. What about Sharper Image? I could see Internet Calling kiosks in the corner of these stores. Let’s see how this plays out.

Perhaps Skype is already embarking on a kiosk strategy and us bloggers aren’t aware. Anyone know if this is happening?

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