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iPhone Skype

July 9, 2007

Nokia N800 The Real Story

July 6, 2007

What is the world’s toughest job at the moment? It has to be trying to compete head on with the iPhone. But as Om Malik points out, the Nokia N800 does a great deal of what the iPhone does not and did it sooner. A new upgrade enables Skype to run and has Flash support.

TMCnet Goes Twitter

July 4, 2007

It seems like if you are under 18 you spend a good deal of time twittering on well – Twitter. Since my typical reader is above 18 you may not be aware that Twitter is a service allowing you to send and receive messages via SMS on cell phones. People spend hours letting their friends know (in excruciating detail sometimes) about all aspects of their life. “I am going to have lunch.” “I am having a snack.” “I am sick,” are some of the things you may see while twittering.   But if you get sick of twittering with friends and are interested in using Twitter to keep up with the latest (and best of course) communications and technology news and analysis, be sure to check

Where Did Rich Go?

June 25, 2007

OK, Rich has not abandoned his loyal readers. He really values these people as without his readers he would stop blogging and at that point he would have to find a hobby or two. Thankfully, dear readers, I am still with you and in fact this week my family decided I work hard enough to take some time off.   So I am at an undisclosed location which has plenty of sand and beach chairs. This doesn’t explain how I got locked in my hotel room by myself however.

No Logon with Skypee

June 20, 2007

So I got up this morning at 4:30 am which is a bit earlier than I would have liked (this is really 5:30 EST). I was hoping to get lots of work done but last night and this morning I could not get onto the hotel broadband connection. I would get the login screen but when I put in my room number it would time out.   I rebooted and played with settings for a long time and then I decided to call tech support. The person who answered asked me to turn of the firewall and a whole bunch of other things like changing my proxy server.   Nothing worked.

Fring on Windows Mobile

June 19, 2007

Skype Trunking

June 19, 2007

VoSKY Technologies Enables Skype Trunking and More

Many companies are using Skype in their business but generally speaking these are Skype islands which do not interconnect with the plethora of telephony equipment in the organization. For example the ACD is an integral part of many an enterprise yet native Skype does not have access to such niceties. For example, there is no centralized auto attendant on Skype calls coming into an enterprise.   A few years back when there was talk of eBay purchasing Skype and many critics who said eBay spent too much on the VoIP software company, I countered by saying Skype is one of the world’s largest and still fastest-growing telephone companies. This idea still holds true and the one thing most every pundit forgot to mention is the Skype opportunity in business.   There is a tremendous SMB and enterprise market for Skype to exploit by offering its network for the benefit of businesses everywhere.   At a keynote speech at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in 2005, Skype CEO Niklas Zennstrom told the world for the first time that Skype is doing very well in the business world.

Nuvoiz: Unified Communications Grows Up

June 19, 2007

The interest in unified communications is not slowing down and I can tell from the subscription interest to TMC’s Unified Communications Magazine the future looks very bright for this burgeoning technology.   A few months back I wrote about mid-market unified communications and more specifically a company called Nuvoiz which is aiming squarely at this market as it rolls out its UC strategy.   The founder of the company Chong-Jim Koh is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur who seems to have the drive to be a player in the space. Of course UC is a wide open market and there will be no lack of competition.   To stay a step ahead of the competition, Koh showed me the slick UI of his UC application. If I had to say what it looks like… I would say it is more Skype-like than other solutions I have seen. This by the way is a complement.   In addition, the company offers a mobile client which runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices.

VoIP Killer App From Skype

June 18, 2007

I am convinced after speaking with Paul Amery of Skype at TMC’s recent Communications Developer Conference that one serious killer application in our market is the integration of VoIP applications and ecosystems of partners. Now I use VoIP loosely in this article… IP communications is a more accurate term.   The point is, adding services like avatars to conversations and embedding games is an amazing way to extend the functionality of a conversation.   Paul gave the example of how playing checkers while Skyping with his family kept the kids on the phone much longer than a Skype call alone. Checkers is just one of the applications bundled into Skype as an Extra.   Remember, we are in an ADD (attention defecit disorder) society. This point was driven home at a TMC team lunch last week when one of my coworkers said his son’s baseball team consisted of 15 kids wanting to play catcher.

Volpi Joins Joost

June 5, 2007

Just as hiring Mike Volpi from Cisco was big news for Skype, the fact Volpi has become the CEO of Joost is big news. Volpi brought an air of legitimacy to Skype when he joined the board in 2004. Having years of experience at Cisco and becoming part of a VoIP startup was big news at the time and the benefactor last time was certainly Skype who sold to eBay for more than 2 billion dollars.   This time as head of Joost, the founders of both Skype and Joost, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom can be confident they have hired someone who knows how to rapidly scale a viral software company and make it even more successful.   In a recent conversation with Niklas Zennstrom, I asked about the synergy between Skype and Joost and his eyes lit up when he talked about the possibilities. It was apparent this was something he had thought about extensively.   Imagine hooks into Skype allowing instant TV viewing.
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