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RSS in your IM

October 30, 2006

If you need to get up to the minute updates on your RSS feeds such as this one from Dan York (which alerted me to this story), you want to check out the RSS Robot which takes an RSS feed and connects it with Skype so you get an IM in Skype when new RSS info comes through. I already get alerted to new RSS feeds from my reader so this isn’t too useful for me. Still it could be useful to someone who is hooked on Skype and whose RSS reader doesn’t alert them to new content.

As we begin to see more and more products integrate with Skype the question becomes when we see a full-fledged office-like environment evolve around Skype. First we would need an e-mail client – perhaps this AJAX-based one from BlueTie will do.

UAE Bans Skype

October 29, 2006

It isn’t too surprising that Skype is being outlawed in various countries such as the United Arab Emirates. The unfortunate consequence of such actions is people used to getting 2 cent a minute calls find they are now 75 cents per minute. This is the same old story. The local phone company finds a way to block Skype and then their revenue skyrockets.

My take is the incumbent phone companies are generally in trouble around the world and they need to find new ways to generate revenue in a VoIP-dominated world.

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