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Spirent Triple-Play

With all the talk of providing triple-play services, it makes sense that Spirent would make a “play” (pun intended) for this space. Let’s face it, voice, video and data over single pipe is possible but when you consider that just carrying voice over IP on a small scale can be a challenge, what happens when ten thousand or millions of subscribers need simultaneous triple-play services. A testing solution makes a great deal of sense to deploy as you roll-out your services to the masses.


System Tests Triple-Play Application Performance Along With QoS, SIP, IPsec Security and IPv4/6 Performance on a Per-Port Basis at Real-World Scale

LAS VEGAS - May 3, 2005 - Spirent Communications™ (NYSE: SPM; LSE: SPT), today announced the release of Avalanche 7.0, a test suite designed to validate the readiness of the IP infrastructure equipment for triple play services.

Avalanche 7.0 features real-world user and triple play traffic emulation along with automation flexibility to test multiple dimensions of the network. This includes the testing the capacity and functionality of both the network and network devices. Each test port can simultaneously assess application performance, QoS mechanism performance, Session initiation Protocol (SIP) performance, and IPsec, SSL VPN and firewall security performance under real-world user and application traffic conditions.

“Comprehensive real world network emulation and flexible test automation are critical to manufacturers and network operators who are driving advances in converged network infrastructure,” said Alan Newman, director of marketing for Spirent Communications. “The integration of IPv6, SIP-based VoIP, IPTV, security, and QoS testing into each test port in Avalanche 7.0 substantially reduces the expense and time required to run multiple tests on various testing devices, while WorkSuite makes custom test automation an easy matter for test engineers.”

Avalanche 7.0’s unique WorkSuite Manager provides engineers with flexible testing options, such as the ability to configure and automate test sequences according to user-specified goals. It also delivers GUI-based flexibility to test according to specific goals. For example, if a user seeks to discover the maximum number of concurrent connections that can be supported by the infrastructure, WorkSuite can automate a sequence of iterative tests designed to continue until that specific maximum is discovered.

Avalanche 7.0 leverages the well known ability of underlying Avalanche testing hardware to emulate connected users and application streams at very large scale to analyze network performance under extreme capacity stresses and comprehensive protocol combinations loads. This realistic emulation enables the user to troubleshoot a network or device before a real-life failure occurs.

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