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Standing Room Only

Overwhelmed! That is the best word to describe my feeling as I walked through the conference sessions today. Virtually all conferences were standing room only. For example, Toshiba's David Fridley spoke in an IP PBX session that had over 150 people and at the same time there were 500 -- Yes, 500 resellers in the keynote room listening to a panel session I moderated on how to make money in VoIP.

I don't have final numbers but it seems like around 800 people in the conferences this first day so far. Amazingly many of the conferees from the 70 registered countries were everywhere. Speakers couldn't believe how international this show has become. The exhibit hall is open today at 6:00 PM and then on Thursday and Friday. Please see for specifics. I am looking forward to seeing the hall as I haven't been down there in a few hours. Instead, I came to my room and blogged the great news with all of you.

One last point, we had a session border controller shoot-out running simultaneously with a UNE-P to VoIP Summit and both were standing room only when I checked the rooms. This event has become a strong service provider show. Many speakers pointed out how our service provider audience is growing very quickly.

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