Susan Kennedy to Address ITEXPO Breakfast

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Susan Kennedy to Address ITEXPO Breakfast

This Tuesday, October 25 at 7:30 AM California Public Utilities Commissioner California Public Utilities Commissioner Susan Kennedy will be speaking at breakfast to conferees at ITEXPO.

Focusing heavily on telecommunications issues, Commissioner Kennedy has taken on some of the most important cases before the Commission, including implementation of the FCC's Triennial Review Order and review of the New Regulatory Framework.

As CPUC Commissioner, Ms. Kennedy has become a leading voice for regulatory consistency, infrastructure investment and promoting economic development. She is a strong advocate for competition and regulatory restraint, particularly as it relates to emerging technologies in the area of telecommunications. She was among the first utility commissioners in the nation to speak out against regulation of Internet telephony, and has proposed that competition in the telecommunications industry be allowed to drive the development of new technologies and services without regulatory constraint

We are excited to have Commissioner Kennedy speak this week.

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