Tadiran and Sprint

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Tadiran and Sprint

Recently I witnessed how a service provider can work with an equipment manufacturer to differentiate themselves and their offering to do things that other companies without the same types of ties can’t easily do. Sprint is working closely with Tadiran selling IP based telecom systems. With a new SIP server coming later this year the two will be able to enable remote video monitoring via the PBX as well.

I saw a sleek ZyXel WiFi telephony phone and a proprietary wireless phone working with the Tadiran PBX. All of these solutions by the way are sold under the Sprint IPX brand of products and can be sold only by Sprint authorized dealers. In order to receive the above certification, dealers need to receive brand and technical training.

A recent win for Sprint was the University of Utah where there was a need for a complex solution that tightly coupled service and equipment. After exhaustive analysis they chose the Sprint/Tadiran solution and purchased over 30,000 handsets and 250 Coral IPX systems connected via fiber. Nice win.

Another area where Sprint has an advantage over other service providers is tight coupling with their wireless offering. OpenOffice for example allows cellular phones to act as extensions off the corporate PBX with every feature available in the office! Here is a great thing that this integration allows. Most cell phones can’t make international calls for security and fraud related reasons. Your workforce can continue to use cell phones that can’t call internationally but when they need to make international calls, they can just dial 4 digit extensions to make international calls to coworkers.

Tight integration is a tough thing to compete with. Tadiran and Sprint seem to be using their mutual relationship to sell more than either would sell on their own.

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