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Teleo VoIP Splash

Teleo is a new VoIP company that wants to bridge the desktop with the tools mobile professionals use today. They will be announcing their strategy at demo this week. According to Peter Sisson, Teleo President & CEO, “Mobile professionals use cell phone, e-mail and web browsers. They shouldn’t have a new VoIP interface as well”. He continued, “They should have the ability to click on an e-mail and initiate a call and should be able to click buttons on a web site to initiate a call.”

According to Sisson, You should be able to integrate VoIP with cell service as cell service is the future. We need to turn VoIP into a feature, not an application. He also believes in plug-and-play portability. “You should be able to receive your calls from anywhere,” says Sisson. “The trick is to use SIP and get through firewalls.” As curious as I am, I wanted more. I asked for details. Apparently they have a split-client design that is patent-pending.

One of the visions the company espouses is to make software and services to enable communications person specific not number specific.

In order to use the software, you download the client and get toolbars in Outlook and IE so both of these software apps become phones. You can use a phone that is USB based, use a TA or a new adapter from China they will sell that converts USB to RJ45.

The intelligence lives in toolbar. Applications will allow you to click and dial automatically. If the system can’t find a number you can highlight, right-click and dial. It can also translate 1-800-flowers into numbers. You can SIP forward from an enterprise system to Teleo as well.

One of the differentiators from free P2P software is that they can keep track of all calls not just PSTN calls. These are important considerations for enterprise users and of course will keep our government happy from a CALEA perspective.

I am happy to see companies realize it is not just about free or cheap minutes but we need to look at VoIP as a huge enabling technology. Applications are the future… VoIP is just a key that unlocks the door.

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