The Busiest Show Ever

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The Busiest Show Ever

This is a phrase I heard repeatedly at the most successful ITEXPO EVER! Thank you all for coming and making this show such a success. We had an amazingly large audience and exhibitors told me this is the most qualified audience they have ever witnessed at a show while conferees said they were happy with our conference program and appreciate the fact that TMC values their educational experience.

If this ITEXPO is not a barometer of the industry's success and phenomenal growth, I am not sure what is.

Without all of you... Attendees and exhibitors, we can't have great shows so thanks for coming in droves and I am humbled by all the compliments you gave me over the last few days.

My thanks also to the TMC team for working around the clock to help keep up with the demands of this event.

Witness the "Mass of humanity" at ITEXO Miami 2005.

I stopped by DiamondWare's booth just after noon on the second day of exhibits and Keith Weiner told me, "We are out of demos, materials, everything! The first two hours (on the first day) were jammed." The funny thing is that I reached for one of Keith's business cards to write this testimonial down on as a few were on the table in his booth. Keith told me not to do that as he is almost out of cards!

One more day to go. I hope to see you all bright and early in the AM. Sure South Beach is fun but can it measure up to the excitement of seeing our industry finally take of ;-) !?!

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