The Cancelling Vonage Story

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The Cancelling Vonage Story

Tom has been getting tons of traffic on this blog entry regarding his call to cancel Vonage service and he posted it less than 24 hours ago! However where Tom sees a problem, I see intelligent business. Doing everything possible to keep a customer is smart business. It may be a sign of trouble but does not necessarily indicate trouble. Anyone who has ever cancelled a credit card knows that you generally get an agent who does whatever it takes to keep you. Retention agents get paid good money to ensure you don't defect and to Vonage's credit, they are doing whatever they can to keep the revenue flowing in.

My comment on Vonage not allowing you to have a recording telling callers of your new phone number... This is pretty lousy service and ensures Vonage will piss off customers to such an extent they will make sure to tell friends not to sign up. I agree with Tom that a charge of perhaps $5/month is acceptable to have a recording telling people of your new number.

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