These VoIP People Are Everywhere

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These VoIP People Are Everywhere

I am in the Dallas airport (DFW) and ran into a friend from Nuera who I have known for years. Small world. He said he read my blog entry about Globalcomm and told me that others agreed with my sentiments. Too bad -- I was hoping it would have picked up after I left.

I got to meet some old friends in the Interactive Intelligence session today so that was great. I really had a fun day.

There is some "weather" so I am delayed in the airport . I guess I will have to wait to see the kids. I hope they are awake when I get home.

I just found out that my team members are stuck on the runway in Chicago due to the same problems. I like the DFW airport. There are lots of food options in the American Airlines terminal. I wish there were more power outlets but at least they have an area for kids to play.

Well we are boarding now so I better get going because I have a huge bag I hope to cram in the overhead space.

So I am now on the airplane and we will b delayed by hours. I hope I have enough battery to keep me working.

I do have a good seat though. A window in the first few rows. No complaints there. I also found out that my carry on bag can be compressed greatly. I am sure my suits will look like prunes when/if we ever get to New York. I guess that is what the dry cleaner is for.

I suppose this isn't unexpected considering what a smooth flight I had to Dallas. The law of averages is not to be underestimated. If you have an amazing flight experience be prepared soon for what I am currently dealing with.

We are allowed to get off the plane if we like but I am staying because I don't want to deal with the hassle.

When I get back I have many meetings on TMC's events. For example people are very excited about VoIP Demo/VoIP Developer in Santa Clara in August as well at IT EXPO/IMS Expo in San Diego this October.

For now I am thankful there is AC on this plane because this week has been a scorcher in Dallas.

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