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TMCnet's Alexa Traffic

TMCnet's Jan 5th Alexa Traffic

I apologize if you have been getting server errors when trying to get to TMCnet. We have been overwhelmed with traffic lately and have almost doubled our traffic from a  month ago. BTW, over 350,000 visitors came to TMCnet last month, a record!According to Alexa (a division of, TMCnet is the highest ranked communications media site on the Internet. In fact our traffic puts us in the top 12,000 sites in the world! Alexa rankings are unusual as lower numbers are better. Take a look for yourself and feel free to compare. please alert me if any of our competitors are higher. We cant find any.We even beat many general IT sites in terms of traffic. eWeek does a great job and is in the 3,000 range. and CNET are even higher. Still no media company with a communications focus comes anywhere near us in traffic. This week alone we ranked in the top 4,871 sites in the world for a few days. It crashed our server actually and we are about to seriously upgrade our hardware. Thanks for reading and please keep coming back for more. We love you as much as you love us.
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