Traveling to Tech Data Conference

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Traveling to Tech Data Conference

I am here on my flight to Florida to speak at the Tech Data reseller conference and the plane is surprisingly empty. Of course you are reading this after I have landed. One would imagine there would be less free seats to Florida in January. As luck would have it I am positioned just below a TV so I have to strain my neck to see it. I am also as far as possible from the TV ahead of me meaning I can't really see it.

I guess that means I'll be working on this flight. I could change seats but it is just too much effort at this point. Besides there is no one ahead of me so there is no chance of having a reclining seat/laptop catastrophe. I suppose my lack of television viewing is great news as I have some interviews to write up and a column or two or three to write.

As Greg Galitzine reminds me more and more frequently (and I paraphrase/quote), "You launch lots of new magazines and you get lots of new column deadlines."

I already wrote my column for SIP Magazine and next up is IMS. SIP Magazine looks amazing so far. I get to see the final draft of issue number one when I land tonight. I can't wait.

On to IMS which mails in one month. I am pretty sure of what I will write. I just have to sit and get it done.

I do relish not having Internet access on planes because it allows writing without having to check e-mail every few minutes. I should enjoy this while it lasts I suppose.

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