Triple Play Webinar

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Triple Play Webinar

Triple play is all the rage. Please join me in this really interesting seminar on how to deploy triple play services. It takes place on June 28th. Please mark your calendar:

Join us for a complimentary Webinar session showcasing IP Triple Play and learn how to upgrade your IP services with an integrated voice-video-data solution for students, faculty and alumni. In this informative Webinar sponsored by the IPlay3 Consortium, you will learn how universities can migrate to a new IP service platform to build an interactive learning environment on campus and off-campus. Real-life case study examples from leading deployments will be cited.

Topics include:
• Voice over IP
• Telco TV
• Video on Demand
• Video Calling
• WiFi Phones and PC Softphones
• Faculty IP Centrex services
• Free On-Net Calling
• Off-Campus Voice-Video-Data VPNs
• E-Learning and Distance Learning
• Gaming
• Alumni Affinity Services
• Migrating from existing PBX/Centrex equipment

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