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UN of VoIP

According to the Miami Herald, in an article titled Tangled Web Lines (free registration required) ITEXPO had lines of people five-deep at many of the more than 100 booths!

To take a direct quote from the article:

Crowds have exceeded seating at some sessions. And the exhibition hall of service providers, which is open free to the public through today, had lines five-deep at many of the more than 100 booths when they opened Wednesday evening.

I'm speechless and humbled by this awesome praise by the Miami Herald journalists!

As a barometer of our VoIP industry, ITEXPO has shown me that the world is embracing VoIP like never before. I still can't believe we had people from over 70 countries at the show. It seems amazing to be able to attract so many people from around the world.

I said it last year and I should reiterate... We should call ITEXPO in Miami the United nations of VoIP (minus all the oil-for-food controversy of course ;-).

See ITEXPO pictures.

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