UNE-P to VoIP Migration

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UNE-P to VoIP Migration

Here is another ITEXPO release. UNE-P has been getting lots of press lately. I am looking forward to hearing Shawn Lewis speak on how service providers should migrate to VoIP.

Volo Founder/CEO Shawn Lewis Featured Speaker 

At Upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO in Miami Feb. 23

Lewis Presents Two Topics from Internet Telephony Magazine's 'Survival Guide to a Successful VoIP Migration' Educational Series for Service Providers

Orlando, Fla., Feb. 22, 2005: Volo Communications, a leading nationwide wholesale provider of advanced voice and data services, announced today that it's Founder and CEO Shawn Lewis will be the featured speaker at two sessions at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO on Feb. 23.

Widely recognized as the largest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) marketplace in the world, the Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO is a targeted and innovative four-day, bi-annual event. The 11th Conference & Expo takes place February 22 - February 25 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami.

"We feel it is important to bring industry leaders who understand the technology behind VoIP to help educate CLECs and service providers about the issues surrounding how to begin offering these services. Shawn Lewis, who wrote the patents for the first softswitch and the first SS7 Media Gateway, and is Founder and CEO of Volo Communications - a successful wholesale broadband services company - is the perfect person to present these topics at our conference," said Internet Telephony Magazine Publisher Rich Tehrani.

At the event on Feb. 23, Lewis will serve as subject matter expert on topics from Internet Telephony magazine's featured educational series, "Service Providers' Survival Guide to a Successful VoIP Migration," which is being published from February through June. Lewis will present the first two topics from the February and March issues which are:

Is There Life After UNE-P?

Wednesday - 02/23/05, 10:15-11:00am in Room Hibiscus B

CLECs know their UNE-P days are numbered due to recent regulatory rulings, and their business plans are in jeopardy without IP-based technology. As such, they are turning to VoIP in order to grow their business, and protect against a large loss of revenue tied to their UNE-P business model. There is talk that several of the largest UNE-P providers are planning their transition by geographically concentrating their marketing activities around central office concentration, and then installing soft switching and broadband access gear in each central office to provide next-generation services. Is this a viable, long-term business model that will work? This session will outline a low-cost, high-quality VoIP strategy that speeds time-to-market, assures carrier-grade quality, and enables early entry without the CAPEX requirements associated with building a new network.

What to Look For In a Wholesale VoIP Partner

Wednesday - 02/23/05, 2:00-2:45pm in Room Hibiscus B

Industry analysts believe the wholesale market opportunity creates a large business opportunity for new, next generation wholesale carriers. The market for wholesale broadband voice services in the U.S. is characterized principally by quality, price competition and least-cost advantage. But is that enough? How do you know which wholesale partner is the right wholesale partner for you? This session will address what you should look for in a wholesale partner, including technology (customizable applications, service creation environment, scalability); automated provisioning (service provider interface, end user controls, real-time CDR); and fulfillment (rapid deployment, end point equipment, and customer support) - all critical to a successful VoIP business.

Additional Survival Guide topics that will be published in the April through June issues of Internet Telephony magazine are: 

Next Generation Networks: Should You Build or Buy?

VoIP Applications: To Host or Not To Host? - That is the question

VoIP Product Packaging: It's Not Just About Price Anymore

About Volo Communications, Inc.

A certified CLEC and IXC, Volo Communications is revolutionizing the communications industry with its advanced VoiceOne next generation network. Volo is a carrier's carrier that offers wholesale broadband voice, advanced hosted application services, including origination and termination services that enable carriers, CLECs, IXCs, cable operators, ISPs, and resellers to provide carrier-quality voice and data services to businesses and consumers. The VoiceOne MPLS network is protocol agnostic, supporting virtually any protocol including SS7, PRI, H.323, SIP, MGCP, AAL/1, etc. and utilizes both TDM and Packet switched technology.

Volo is wholly owned by Caerus, Inc., the parent company of Caerus Networks, Inc., and Caerus Billing, Inc. The three companies together provide a customized end-to-end solution that is unmatched in the industry. Caerus, Inc.'s founder wrote the patents for the first softswitch and the first SS7 Media Gateway.

Caerus Networks, Inc. is the technology development arm of the company, and Caerus Billing is a billing and mediation software company. Both companies provide in-house services for third party service providers and carriers.

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