University Triple-Play

Here are the details of a future webinar I will participate in. The practice run was very informative and the people at NetCentrex have done a great job preparing and will have an objective and in-depth educational session for you:

Join us for a complimentary Webinar session showcasing IP Triple Play and learn how to upgrade your IP services with an integrated voice-video-data solution for students, faculty and alumni. In this informative Webinar sponsored by the IPlay3 Consortium, you will learn how universities can migrate to a new IP service platform to build an interactive learning environment on campus and off-campus. Real-life case study examples from leading deployments will be cited.

Topics include:
• Voice over IP
• Telco TV
• Video on Demand
• Video Calling
• WiFi Phones and PC Softphones
• Faculty IP Centrex services
• Free On-Net Calling
• Off-Campus Voice-Video-Data VPNs
• E-Learning and Distance Learning
• Gaming
• Alumni Affinity Services
• Migrating from existing PBX/Centrex equipment

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