ViaTalk Gives Gas

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ViaTalk Gives Gas

Signs of fierce competition are generally easy to spot. I noticed one today when I was scanning TMCnet news. A company called ViaTalk is giving away gas cards for customers who prepay for two-years worth of VoIP service.

According to the
ViaTalk release the CEO drives a ViaTalk branded Hummer and has a “1MPG” license plate. He obviously knows a thing or two about high gas prices.

The cost for the service is $16/month for unlimited US and Canada calling. The company is also donating 5% of all sales to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund of the American Red Cross.

When you start paying customers to join your service it reminds me a bit of the dotcom days but then again $20 worth of free gas is not a tremendous amount to pay for a guaranteed two-year customer and this is certainly cheaper marketing than what Vonage is doing. Will they be able to get much attention for this promotion? Possibly, but the VoIP field is crowded and they have a way to go before they get noticed.

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