Virus Kills The Presentation?

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Virus Kills The Presentation?

That should read "Amost Kills the Presentation."

At some point last night, probably when I was downloading a photo for my presentation around 1:00 AM I caught a nasty virus. My virus scanner called it a Trojan Horse. I didn't write down the name as I didn’t want to get too friendly with it ;-) I use AVG AntiVirus and the program got rid of the virus but not immediately. In fact I was somehow stuck in an infinite loop of new IE windows opening up while I was trying to save my PowerPoint Presentation. Over 400 IE windows opened as I battled to close them as fast as possible to avoid a crash!

Finally the virus scan got rid of the virus and I now installed Microsoft AntiSpyware which is telling me periodically that some program is trying to change my search bar. I finally saved the presentation and am looking forward to sharing it in a few hours.

After I speak, we will get to hear
Michael Rouleau from Time Warner Telecom. This is the company's first appearance since their VoIP announcement. Andy Voss from Sansay will speak as well. Andy was a leader in VoIP back in the late 90s when he used to work at Nuera. He would sit me down for hours at a time telling me about his gateways. He is passionate in an engineering sort of way and is very funny in a one-on-on situation. I am looking forward to seeing how this translates in front of a crowd.

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