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VocalTec Service Platform

I spoke with Ari Rabban at VocalTec and he was telling me about his new BAX Broadband VoIP Access Platform that encompasses a softswitch and a service platform that allows service providers to deploy new services rapidly. They can do much of what a Broadsoft or Sylantro solution can do but their feature server is coupled with a softswitch that can scale due to its distributed architecture.

This is a new product for VocalTec and while they are competing with some larger companies in this space, it is interesting to point out to those of you new to VoIP that VocalTec is the company that started the VoIP market. They invented the software and gateway. There is immense history and experience in this company.

I asked Raban what differentiates his product and told me they have a signaling gateway and call control and routing server. Ari tells me the integrated solution is being received well in the market as aside from the above, it is completely open and standards based.

 The product has a low entry point so if you are interested in learning more, visit http://www.vocaltec.com.

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