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VoIP Box

Dr. Christian Stredicke has launched a new company called PBXNSIP which is short for PBX and SIP. As you may recall Christian also founded SNOM. The new company has a very slick product I just witnessed today called simply VoIP Box which is essentially a PBX which is about the size and weight of a deck of cards.

The device has a CompactFlash slot, USBconnectivity, two Ethernet connectors and a line in and out for music on hold.

At $1,295 you can have up to 50 extensions and 10 simultaneous lines. The two Ethernet connections can be allocated to public extensions and private -- allowing you to keep your internal phones off the open Internet.

Some of the benefits of the device are no moving parts, amazingly small form factor and no noise. The system contains embedded linux and all the processors you need. Multiple units can be connected via Ethernet if needed.

I saw a pre-production unit of the device and the external case was also a heat sink. If they were to put a slick iPod-like case on the outside it could do very well.

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