VoIP Business Opportunity

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VoIP Business Opportunity

In case anyone is interested in this opportunity, please contact Steve directly.


Hello Rich,

My name is Steve Holmes and I own and operate a Telecom consulting firm up here in Maine that serves the business community here in the Northeast and a little beyond that as well.

A few months back, I had acquired the following domain names:


Along with this, I have also applied for Trademark protection through http://uspto.gov. A LOGO has been designed.  And lastly, I have acquired a couple of "800" version Vanity toll free numbers that spell "VOIP" and "FAX" within each number.

I am explaining this to you to portray the fact that I have wanted to launch a VOIP telephony business in a very bad way but am now running slim in the financial department. My question to you is, would you know of any company or individuals that may be interested in joining me to run with this endeavor?

I am sure you receive MANY solicitations weekly, if not daily and I apologize in advance if this e-mail is a nuisance.  A reply from you would be greatly appreciated and respected.

Thanks for all of your time.

Steve Holmes

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