VoIP Confusion

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VoIP Confusion

I came across this release today and you can see an excerpt below. I can't figure this deal out. Logical Exchange is the name of the company and their phone plans are similar in cost to Packet8 or Vonage. They don't have an ATA so it is PC to phone service that is similar to Skype but they compare themselves more to Vonage and AT&T.

Here is a quote from the release:

"By offering an affordable Internet phone service to the global market including developing countries, INX has created a new model for international telephone communications," said Jon Lowry, CEO of Logical Exchange. "Unlike our competitors, our service is designed to be available virtually anywhere the Internet is accessible and to allow our subscribers to sign up and make calls within minutes."

To paraphrase a famous politician... Mr. Lowry, I know Vonage. I've worked with Vonage. You sir are no Vonage.

Here is more of the release:

Logical Exchange Launches Global VoIP Service from $4.95 per Month; Complete U.S. or Canadian Phone Service Over the Internet

DENVER --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 17, 2005 -- Logical Exchange launched a new Internet phone service this week, International Number Exchange (INX). By moving traditional telco foreign exchange services online, INX expands the market reach set by VoIP companies, such as Vonage and AT&T, to create a truly global virtual presence phone service. Now virtually anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world, broadband, wireless or dial-up, has an affordable option to make and receive calls with their own U.S. or Canadian phone number just minutes after subscribing without buying or waiting for expensive termination equipment. The service is ideal for expatriate workers, students studying abroad, and international travelers to stay in touch with friends, family and business associates. INX also provides an effective avenue for international small businesses to expand their presence in the U.S. and Canada.

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