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VoIP e911 Forum

VoIP e911 is one of those issues that seems to linger on and on. It is a complicated issue and that in part has to do with the PSAPs that are described as a bunch of fiefdoms who really don't answer to anyone.

Couple that with the fact that technology is moving so quickly that they are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of IP communications. All the while the FCC is mandating that they work with VoIP providers making life difficult for the VoIP providers and the PSAPs.

Worse, many times, the iLECS are the gateways to the PSAPS and last I checked the iLECs aren't huge fans of Vonage and others.

These factors along with many others are why TMCnet has partnered with Dash 911 to bring you a VoIP e911 forum of substance. Please use this forum as a resource to help answer your questions about how emergency services can coexist with VoIP.

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