VoIP Headset Webinar

Please join me for this insightful webinar on communications endpoints sponsored by GN Netcom. We will discuss how to get the most out of VoIP deployments from the standpoint of the end-user of the VoIP deployment. There will be further discussion on softphone usability.

The success of any VoIP rollout ultimately depends on "the last three feet"—the interface between enterprise users and their phone system. While many companies have invested in VoIP infrastructure, few have understood the challenges of making VoIP easy and effective for their customers. Choosing the wrong endpoint (hard phone, softphone, and headset) can result in poor sound quality, durability issues, and user frustration. GN Netcom will help you navigate through the many options, and show you how to choose a solution that will result in happy users and higher ROI.

In this Webinar you will learn:

How to address the usability challenges created by VoIP.
The link between end-user satisfaction and the ROI of your VoIP deployment.
How to choose endpoints with superior sound quality, ease-of-use, and durability.
Tips for enhancing the usability of softphones.


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