VoIP IC Revenue Skyrockets

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VoIP IC Revenue Skyrockets

This is amazing. Every facet of VoIP is hot from software to hardware to prepaid calling cards. You name it. Today I came upon an In-Stat release that says VoIP IC market growth will be tremendous from $137.6 million in 2003 to $938.4 million in 2008. Much of the growth will come from the integration of WiFi telephony with current cellular protocols.Here are some quick-hit stats:Similar to how quickly handset manufacturers integrated camera functionality in their products, virtually all cell phones will come integrated with Wi-Fi functionality toward the end of the forecast period.

Texas Instruments (TI) currently dominates the VoIP IC market, particularly the IP phone IC and CPE VoIP Gateway IC segments.

While several dozen vendors nominally participate in the VoIP IC market, only a handful of vendors account for the majority of shipments in each of the three main segments.
The report is titled: "Hearing The Call Of Cellular: VoIP IC Market Analysis.Coincidently, we released our call for papers as well today for our VoIP Developer event and the response has been spectacular. Everyone seems to want to be part of it and I predict some new companies will be there. Companies you don't expect to be at such an event. VoIP Developer is still the world's only Voice Over IP Development event and following up on our last sold-out show, we expect this one to do even better as the buzz is already building to a feverish pitch. Hope to see you there.

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